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Fine Garden Care

Elite Landscape Architecture & Maintenance


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Fine Garden Care

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Fine Garen Care has evolved to become a premier Landscaping Company throughout the Triangle Area. We Specialize in Hand Pruning shrubs, hedges, and trees not found in the area. We can Design and Install upscale landscape projects that range from high-end Residential Homes to prestigious Country Clubs.

We understand that you want your landscape to speak for itself. That is why our landscapers approach each project with meticulous attention to detail in every phase of design. 

Our work ethic is unmatched, as we pride ourselves on using a hands-on approach with timely installations and continuous follow-ups. Our projects are geared towards the Triangle region of North Carolina and continue to flourish year round. Our precision and attention to detail will bring your vision to life.


This is what we specialize in. Hand Pruning separates Fine Garden Care from every other landscaper in the Triangle.

Garden Bed Clean Up & Yard Drainage

After the landscaping services, we offer garden bed cleanup services as well. You will not have to worry about cleanups on your own.

Tree & Shrub Installation

We deliver assistance with both tree and shrub installation. Our landscaping specialists will carefully plan and offer installation services.


Fine Garden Care can create the dramatic outdoor escape you’ve always wanted for your family & visitors

Turf Care & Maintenance

Lawn is more than simply grass. Lawn maintenance of the highest quality keeps yards looking attractive and healthy all year round

Landscape Maintenance

We perform everything from weed control and raking to soil cultivation and edge definition to keep your garden bed looking great for months on end

Our Work Process

We follow a carefully-designed process to deliver landscaping services to you. You can expect us to follow that process when offering all our services, which include tree and shrub installation, pruning, garden renovation, and landscape maintenance.

About US

We are proud to say that we are one of the most reputed landscaping service providers in Fine Garden Care. Therefore, we are able to deliver outstanding landscaping services to all our customers. You don’t need to think twice before you contact Fine Garden Care, and you are guaranteed to receive maximum results from us at all times.

Our company is licensed and insured to offer the landscaping services to the people in need. In addition to that, our company will be able to attend to all your requirements and make sure that they are catered in a timely manner. We follow highest quality standards at the time of offering our services as well. Therefore, you will be able to receive excellent results from us at all times.

Our team at Fine Garden Care delivers a large number of services that are related to landscaping. For example, we can provide both residential and commercial landscaping services to you. This will help you to update any part of the existing landscape according to your requirements. We make sure that we are delivering the perfect solution, which matches with your lifestyle. Our team is passionate about landscaping as well.

Why US?

In addition to landscaping, we will be able to offer paving and decking services to you as well. Therefore, you will be able to enhance the good looks of your exteriors in a convenient manner. Along with paving and decking, we can also provide driveways to you. We offer both paved driveways and concrete driveways.

Even if you want to enhance the look and feel of your turf, you can contact us. We will be able to provide the best solution to your turf and make sure that it looks perfect at the end of the day. You will be highly satisfied with the results that we can offer to you at the end of the day.

We strongly believe that maintaining professionalism will help us to deliver excellent results to you. That’s why we pay extra attention towards maintaining professionalism when offering our landscaping services to you. You will never run into any challenges by going for our landscaping services. We will cater to your needs at all times in a professional manner. No client regrets about the decision taken to work with us.

We carefully listen to you and deliver the landscaping services that you want. Along with that, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction at all times as well. You have the freedom to get your landscape designing services as per the needs you have. All you have to do is to get in touch with us and let us know about your requirements. We will carefully analyze your requirements and provide appropriate recommendations. Based on that, you can obtain the landscaping services you want.

It is possible for you to get high quality results out of the landscaping services that we deliver at all times. You will never regret about the decision taken to go forward with our landscaping services. Take a look at the reviews we have maintained throughout the past. You will have a clear understanding about the service quality we maintained throughout the past. You can also expect to receive top-notch results from us, as per what you can see in the customer reviews.

The landscaping services that we offer to you are affordable. You will be able to get maximum returns for the amount of money that you are spending on our services as well. Our team is working on the mission of making landscaping services affordable for everyone. You can keep the peace of mind and go for them. We will also provide an estimate to you before offering our services. This will help you to have a better understanding about the cost before you go ahead with getting our services.

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